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Locked Xtreme Shock Oil - 1 Gallon

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F & L XTREME SHOCK OIL - Locked Xtreme Shock Oil

High viscosity index, low pour point, premium high temperature shock oil.

Product Description
F&L Xtreme Shock Oil is blended with a carefully selected viscosity index (VI) improver in severely hydroprocessed Group II base oil to give a high VI without excessive loss of viscosity from mechanical shearing. F&L Xtreme Shock Oil, exhibits less change in viscosity with xtreme temperatures than competitive shock oils. In addition, F&L Xtreme Shock Oil is compounded to give anti-wear performance, oxidation resistance and protect against rust and corrosion.

• Specifically formulated for off-road racing
• Tested and used in FOX Racing Shocks.
• F& L Xtreme Shock Oil exceeds the demands of off-road racing.

• Performs well in Xtreme high temperature applications where other shock oils fail
• Designed for Shocks subject to a wide variation in operating temperatures.
• Low-friction ultra-heat protection against shock fade
• Superior anti-wear protection
• Excellent oxidation stability
• Outstanding protection against rust and corrosion
• Non-foaming
• Rapid air separation

Typical Properties of F&L Xtreme Shock Oil
                                                   Test Method               F&L Xtreme Shock Oil
@ 40°C, cSt                                 D 445                       21.0
@ 100°C, cSt                               D 445                       4.8
@ 100°F, SUS                              (calc)                        109
@ 210°F, SUS                              (calc)                        42.3
Viscosity Index                            D 2270                     158
Gravity, °API @ 60°F                   D 1298                     30.8
Flash Point, COC, °F                   D 92                         345
Pour Point, °F                              D 97                         -40
Copper Corrosion                       D 130                        1b
Rust Test                                     D 665B                     Pass

Notice: Since the conditions of handling and use are beyond our control, we make no guarantee of results, nor is any of the above information to be taken as a license to operate under, or recommendation to infringe upon, any patent. The information contained herein is, to the best of our knowledge and belief, accurate, but we assume no liability for damages or penalties resulting from use of or reliance on this information.

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