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Adding armor, hauling or towing? Archive's Traveler Leaf is specifically designed to enhance stock 2005-2023 Tacoma leaf spring packs. 


The Traveler leaf: 

  • Improves load handling, combats squat
  • Increases spring rate and retains overload leaf 
  • Fits 3+1 without any modification unlike competition!
  • Creates attractive 4+1 pack from stock leaf packs
  • Fits using stock Tacoma 6.5" U-bolts (check condition)
  • Added spring rate and lift keeps you off the rear bump stops.  
  • We highly recommend our Hammer Hangers for best ride and handling!


  • Made in USA with American 5160 steel! (NOT India or China)
  • Approximate 1" lift  (~9.25" top of axle tube to frame bot.) w/ 500 lbs added to DCSB axle weight** 
  • Approximate 2" lift  (~10.25" top of axle tube to frame bot.) w/ no weight on DC 4-door
  • Intended load: 200 to 750 lbs added to rear axle weight** on DC 4-door 
  • Diamond cut ends, tip inserts, and black painted finish
  • Leaf material width: 60mm (2.375") to match stock leaves
  • Leaf spring travel: same as stock (uses ~10" shock travel)
  • Ride with no weight (w/ Hammer Hangers + Fox 2.5"): firmer spring rate is noticed, however still smooth.
  • Ride with 500lbs added (w/ Hammer Hangers + Fox 2.5"): nice ride and confident handling

Archive's Initial Review:

Even without any weight on my DCSB, the stock 3rd gen 3+1 plus Traveler leaf, Hammer Hangers, and tuned Fox 2.5" shocks are a fantastic combo.  You do feel the ride is firmer, but still rides smooth unloaded compared to my coil-sprung Tundra (It's always nice getting back in my Tacoma).  With 500lbs added , the ride is very smooth, spring rate just right, and lift is about 1" above stock unloaded height.   

June 2023 Test w/ 750+lbs:

These handled 750+lbs awesome on my DCSB and still held ~3/4" lift, and kept the rear off the bumpstops during rough road testing.  I feel these Traveler AALs could even handle a modest "slide-in" camper, especially on an Access Cab Tacoma. 

*The 3rd gen 2016-2023 3+1 springs are similar, but not identical to the 2nd gen 3+1 "Technical Service Bulletin" springs.  The Traveler leaf fits both without modification.  (Toyota will replace the old 2nd gen 2+1 leaves, contact dealer).  

** The statement "+500 lbs added to rear axle weight" doesn't mean 500lbs in the bed, unless that is centered over the axle.  Overhung loads (ie: tire carriers, trailer tongue weight) cause added weight to transfer from the front axle to the rear axle.

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